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How it works

1. Tell us where you want to go

Add your destination, trip date, budget and tell us what type of traveling you enjoy. (This will help travel pals in our community get to know you)

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2. Chat with a travel pal

Review potential travel pals provided by us, and get to know one another through a private chat line.

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3. Set up a budget and split it

After doing your research, set up a budget and split it with all your travel pals.

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4. Pay your deposit

Each travel pal will deposit 30%
of the travel booking in order to guarantee the the spot within the group.

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The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes Marcel proust


Shared experiences

Find like minded travelers who will enhance the experience.

Save money

Split the bill on accoommoation, transport, anything you like.

Secure trip

No one will be stood up. Our Pal Deposit allows for each traveler to make a 30% deposit before the trip to guarantee their spot. If someone has to withdraw, their deposit will be returned.


Easily share and access recommendations during trip planning. Once you are exploring your destination, recommendation will intelligently display based on your location.

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