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Travel 9 Inexpensive Beautiful Destinations to Visit in 2018

Published By Mulu Travel 03 April 2018

When planning a trip, the first thing we often look at is how much will it cost to fly there. Sometimes that can be a deterrent to visiting some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. What we sometimes overlook is how much it will actually cost when your plane lands. That’s where Mulu comes in. Through our well-traveled community, we’ve put together a stellar list of 9 of the cheapest and most beautiful destinations to visit in 2018. Many of these places you can even book last minute and will not see an increase in airfare.

1. Morocco

Sure flights may be a little pricey to this north African oasis, across the Strait of Gibralter from Spain, but once you’re on the ground, a low-cost exotic destination awaits. Wander Marrakesh where the scent of tasty cuisine wafts through the markets, where the local dishes are quite inexpensive. Shopping, too, is very wallet friendly, and you’ll be able to buy clothes, leather goods, and other souvenirs that are far cheaper than you’d imagine. Even if you want to splurge on luxury accommodations, you’ll find it is substantially lower than, say, Paris and New York. With all its mystery and magic, Morocco is a thrilling spot for a budget vacation.

2. Thailand

One of the most stunning gems in the Southeast Asia, Thailand thrills with otherworldly beauty, from its idyllic islands and Buddhist temples to its lush northern mountains and sandy beaches. Travelers will have much to explore here – stellar museums, exotic flora and fauna, majestic palaces, and World Heritage sites. The city of Bangkok is a gem in itself, with myriad spots rich with some of the most flavorful cuisine – all at incredibly low prices. Even the accommodations are beyond affordable – luxury, culture, beauty, all at a low price.

3. Greece

Greece is a classic example of a beautiful destination that is currently suffering an economic setback. All the more reason to visit and help support the people. Once you arrive at this historic and stunning destination, you’ll wonder how can such an impressive country – with its palpable historic sites, dazzling beaches and islands, and culturally rich cities and towns – be so affordable. Now’s your time to check it out.

4. Michigan

Yes, that Michigan! That much maligned state that is often synonymous with economic problems and harsh winters. True, but we’re talking a summertime visit here, and that’s when the state reveals its true beauty. Head to the Michigan Riviera, at the top of the lower half of the state, where soft sandy beaches, wineries, artists communities, and cozy hamlets line its shore all the way down the Lake Michigan. Trek a little further into the upper peninsula to find a plethora of historic towns, lighthouses, and some of the country’s oldest forests. The Midwestern charm is palpable, and you’ll find a warm, welcoming, chilled-out vibe everywhere you go.

5. Puerto Rico

True, Hurricane Maria devastated much of Puerto Rico but it’s slowly getting back on its feet and is open for business. The bright, colorful facades of Old San Juan are as welcoming as always, a trip to the El Yunque National Forest is a lush and beautiful as ever, and hotels of every price range are up and running. Plus, the Bacardi Rum Factory is open for business, so you’ll have plenty to do. Airfare is cheap from the States, U.S. citizens don’t need a passport, and everything for an affordable week or weekend getaway – food, beaches, historic sites – await.

6. Vietnam

Western travelers have gravitated to Vietnam for quite some time now – the country went through dramatic changes since the end of the Vietnam War – drawn to its sublime beauty, friendly people, spectacular sites, enchanting beaches, and vibrant, buzzing cities. And did we mention the food? Cheap, healthy, and delicious – if the food doesn’t keep you here, the cost of being here will.

7. Vancouver, Canada

With a favorable exchange rate to the U.S. dollar, an inviting climate, tasty microbrews, stellar local wines, tantalizing five-star cuisine, and super-sexy accommodation, cosmopolitan Vancouver is an affordable heaven on the ground. Outdoor enthusiasts will love it, as they’re plenty of biking, hiking, and beaching opportunities both in and out of the city. You can indulge in the finest seafood and Asian cuisine for a fraction of the cost, and wander the parks and outdoor playgrounds with gorgeous mountain views. Yes, an affordable heaven on the ground.

8. Saint Martin/Sint Maarten

True, this Caribbean island gem suffered severe damage from Hurricane Irma, but it’s back in business and its dual nationality charm (French Saint Martin and Dutch Sint Maarten) is coming alive again. Most beaches, bars, restaurants, and hotels are open for business and the Princess Juliana International Airport has been up and running since October 2017. You’ll find some decent airfare and affordable hotel rates – and you’ll be supporting one of the most beautiful destinations in the Caribbean. This year is the time to go.

9. Colombia

Ah, Viva Colombia!! Still, it’s one of the most affordable destinations in the Western Hemisphere. This amazing, fascinating, and breathtaking destinations is filled with riches, both natural and urban, from the vibrant resort towns of Cartagena and Santa Marta and the buzzing cities of Bogota and Medellin to its dazzling beaches, magical colonial hamlets, and lush rainforest. The American dollar is strong here, and it’s cheaper to fly here from New York than it is to fly to Los Angeles. The country has almost made a complete turnaround since the corrupt days of the 1990s, and should be on every traveler’s must-visit. We know you’ll love it.


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